International trading platform, complex innovative technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrency

What is the Peta byte Micro System (PMSC)

Fully ready commercial project, which can start earning the first money now.
Functioning website PMS Coin, effective team and aggressive business model.

PMS Coin — technology with economic advantage
The project helps: to advertise goods and services for free, to significantly reduce the cost of their promotion to the market, to simplify the interaction between sellers and buyers, to exclude superfluous intermediaries, minimize the cost of recruitment and the time of the search employees, simplify and accelerate the job search for job seekers or order directly services from the performers.You can enumerate this list very long, but therein lies the scale of the market in which we can go. Our platform is free for all users.
PMSC — traffic generator
All over the world, something is always bought and sold. All business and interpersonal relations are built on the basis of purchase and sale and mutual benefit. The company's capitalization will grow exponentially in relation to traffic. The last 20 years the number of deals on the Internet is constantly increases. The Internet advertising market, despite the world crisis, is stable growing. Already today many companies are engaged in sales only through the Internet. Our platform is a place where anyone can start their own business, offer goods and services or recruit employees. This does not require nothing attachments and does not depend on location. Our users will be a success for us and our investors.
PMSC — a complex of innovative technologies
The service allows to solve business tasks of users autonomously without large monetary costs. We have developed unique solutions based on technologies: Big Data, Data Mining, AI, unique innovative advertising mechanism, remote deal.
PMSC — a project that automatically scales
Thanks to bonus programs and modern technologies, every new user will directly or indirectly participate in attracting other people to our site.
PMSC — high-liquid cryptocurrency COMPANY
The cost and liquidity of the cryptocurrency will be supported by working IT platform. Replenishment of balance and payment of targeted advertisingt will stimulate additional demand for coins.


Big Data

Information is the main aspect of a successful growth forecasting and compiling a marketing strategy in the skillful hands of a marketer. Analysis of big data has long and successfully been...

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Data Mining

Data Mining technology allows to discover patterns among large amounts of data that cannot be detected by standard methods of processing information, but are objective and practically useful...

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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (hereinafter AI), which has no analogues, is one of the unique opportunities to attract millions of users. With the help of AI it is possible to create expert systems...

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Innovative advertising mechanism

МWe have developed a unique algorithm targeted advertising that allows users to effectively advertise their goods and services without attracting large investments and show ads with...

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Another innovation of our project will be the complete decentralization of user data and content. It's safe, transparent, reliable. What does this give in practice? User requests faster...

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Anyone who wishes can acquire a cryptocurrency by getting in return a PMSC coin size 20% of the profits company according to their investments during the ICO campaign. Thus, we grant...

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Project plan

  • White paper and ideally also prototype
  • Team with credibilty.
  • Cleaify leagl questions.
  • website and newsletter.
  • Blog, social Media, AMAs.
  • Setup main comunity channel.
  • Talk to big exchanges.
Post ICO
  • Do AMAs.
  • Send out newsletter.
  • Diversify raised funds.
  • Communication with exchanges.
During ICO
  • Website sequrity.
  • Keep and eye out for scammers.
  • Answer questions from the community.
Recruitment of manufacturers and dealers
  • We will hire some good developer
  • Recruitment for the project
Expansion of the Exchange platforms,
  • Joing big Exchanges.
  • Translation into other languages.
Further development of partner programs
  • Exit to the countries of southeast Asia.
  • Coverage of more than 1 500 000 000 Internet users.
  • Increase in the number of paid services.
  • Large research using technology Data Mining.

Why do we conduct ICO and how do investors earn money on it?

To give the project a world-wide scale and to assemble a large audience, need start-up capital and the ability to competently manage it. A good idea and a team of enthusiasts is just part of the success. We need to conduct a large-scale advertising campaign to attract people's attention to our product and constantly maintain interest in it. The main goal now is to form a client base and beat competitors. And then it will be possible to raise prices for paid services and increase their number. Dominate on the market tomorrow is more important than making a profit today. The connection of new services, flexible pricing policy and the opportunities for deep modernization of the site will help us to always be in a trend.

We collect funds using a very simple, convenient and most importantly transparent tool - ICO, which makes it possible to issue and start selling coins.

After the completion of the ICO, investors who purchased coins can will be able to benefit from 20% of the company's profits, sell coins on crypto-exchange exchanges and profit from the increase in the cost of coins.

The mechanism for the payment of profits and distribution of shares will be prescribed in the company's Charter, and the distribution will be performed through a smart-contract for Waves.

  • Most of the collected funds will be used to promote the project around the world through various advertising models.
  • Part of the funds will be used for maintenance, improvement and development of the project by the most highly qualified developers from the areas of Big Data, Data Mining, AI, etc.
  • Part of the funds will be spent on in-depth market research and identifying new trends in order to achieve the highest possible capitalization.

Details ICO

What is a PMS coin:

The PMS coin, which is also a share in a blockchain PMS, grants the right to receive a share from the company's profits. All holders of coins have the right to receive a share of profit in accordance with the size of the investment. 20% of the company's profits will be distributed among all the sold coins following the results of the ICO.

Limit the number of coins:

The maximum number of 25,228,800 coins. By results of the ICO, all unsold coins will be destroyed.

Primary course:


Yes, since the aggregate volume of the offer is not fixed, we should be able to withdraw an unsold number of coins.

How to make money on this?

Resale of coins. After a completion of the ICO, you will be able to sell a coins on a market and receive instant profit due to a growth of quotations. Save a coins and receive a profit. Coins guarantees a share in the company's profits.

Procedure of payment:

According to the terms of the ICO campaign, according to the results of each financial year, 20% of the profit will be transferred to the Waves wallet, from which it will be distributed to the holders of the PMS coins holders according to the terms of the smart-contract.



Structure ICO

100% coins guarantee receive 20% of the profits of the online service PMSC

  • Investors 97%
  • PMSC 1%
  • Bounty 2%


ICO will be held in three stages at 25 days. To the extent that, how will the reduced time to complete each stage of the ICO, will decrease bonus percentage of a coins.

25% Days 1-2
20% Days 3-5
15% Days 6-8
10% Days 9-12
5% Days 13-17
0% Days 18-25


  • 1
    1 stage -
    Will be sold
    30% of the coins
  • 2
    2 stage -
    Will be sold
    35% of the coins
  • 3
    3 stage -
    Will be sold
    35% of the coins

Bounty during the ICO

Bounty - this is the percentage of the allocated 2% of the total number of coins. Bounty can be received by anyone who supports activity in project communities and thematic venues. For more information, please contact the support team at:

25% Blogs, Media, Medium, Steemit, Reddit, Video
25% Facebook
25% Twitter
15% Bitcointalk signatures
10% Translation, Moderation


  • Sussmann P.
    Founder, Marketing, Business Model
  • Pischinger D
    Team Lead, Project Manager, Development
  • Radosavljevic D.
    Design, UX/UI
  • Bilac D.

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